Magicka Templar Build “Beamplar” PVE – One Tamriel ESO

Any idea what the DPS for it on single target and AoE? Trying to figure out what will do the most damage. Your Beamplar or your Mystic Sorcerer.

I’m missing 10% critical damage on your backbar for not having an Aedric Spear ability slotted. You should slot the Crescent Sweep ultimate, then front bar Elemental Storm instead of Meteor.Get more damage from doing your normal damage abilities such as sweeps with all your dots and some bosses do aoe stuns/interrupts which would interrupt your cast.

I’m a dual wielding swords magplar and my magicka attacks get a damage output increase (thats beside the spellpower increase) because of the 2 swords with the dual wielding twin blade and blunt passive (maces or daggers dont work with twin blade and blunt where magicka dmg is concerned or any other DW passive for that matter as far as i know).

I prefer Radiant Glory over Oppression. This make it easy to stand still and spam execute in vMSA and in trials while standing inside Focus healing is so huge that you excluded from requirement to be healed by healer; also Glory doesn’t affected by your mana pool unlike Oppression. Entire raid of magicka templars executing boss and self-healing with Glory – something epic i would like to see.

Alcast, these low health builds….causes some concern in trails no? especially with the low physical resistance as well no? still with ebon its 1K more health, so just under 18K, a bit worrying still.

Could you please make a video about how to setup a trial group? Because my problem is that everyone always wants to play stamina to deal the most damage but forget that they die faster and screw our score because there is always no vitality bonus. But if I tell people that I just get stupid answers, maybe they will listen to you. Thanks a have a nice day.

Have tested the ”Twin Blade and Blunt” passive with my sorc before I invested in the elegance set. It still works, but not in ”Overload”’ so on sorc it’s useless to have swords. On templar it shouldn’t be an issue, unless something else changed in One Tamriel (on console).

Well once one Tamriel launches I will do dungeons videos with the build, need to farm the gear first 🙂 I dont plan on doing bloodspawn test. I mean keep up the dots and use puncturing sweeps 😉
So Mothers Sorrow is slightly better than TBS. But you are loosing a healthbonus. So for trials for example IF you wan to be totally save TBS still could be favoured although it does slightly less damage.


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