Elder Scrolls Online: A Relatively Reasonable Reaction to Today’s Patch and Subsequent Predictable Furor

This smacks of mountains from mole hills. VR 1 – 12 was/is mostly just a different angle of the same 1 – 50 content, right? I would hardly call that “end-game.” And what was/is worse, is that the “story” behind the VR’s — watching, more or less, the same scenarios play out from, simply, a different perspective, certainly does not imbue the VR’s with the credit, or feel, of “end game” content, in my mind. Following this, there really is no reason to wish or expect the majority of the VR’s to be much more difficult than the road that led to them in the first place.
It’s practically the same road, just laid down in a slightly different direction. Personally, I have never felt that this kind of anti-climactic post-50 vision was worthy of great merit or difficulty, on principle, so the difficulty originally assigned to it was almost insulting lol, if not simply unexpectedly unjustified. The “ending/end-game” story/content hardly deserved to be treated with anything much in the way of carefully coordinated effort, for the most part.

So naturally it follows, based on this particular view, anyway, that I don’t mind if the majority of VR’s are suddenly “easy;” if anything, I think it’s probably most appropriate, given the above considerations. But, mostly a non-issue.

Elder Scrolls Online: A Relatively Reasonable Reaction to Today's Patch and Subsequent Predictable Furor
However, that being said:

True “end-game” content — Newer, bigger and badder Trials, large RAIDS worthy of the term, NEW four/eight-man dungeons, etc. that belong strictly to VR’s — very much should require a mastery of one’s build, and the combat mechanics of the game (up to and including its higher levels of potential/difficulty), as well as knowledge of one’s opponent (but in these cases, NEW trash mobs and bosses). A champion boxer doesn’t take on an opponent without thoroughly studying the tactics/strengths/weaknesses of the contender. If he doesn’t, his chances of losing are significantly higher.
I realize that some of the existing content fits, if awkwardly, this definition of “end-game.” Those parts should, indeed, retain/exhibit an above-average difficulty level. So naturally I am opposed to the “dumbing-down” of these types of “end-game” content. But from what I can tell, these parts of the content have retained their significantly greater degrees of difficulty.

But the whole idea of my god-stompingly epic character, at the apex of his power, experience and glory, reverting to a state of quivering anticipation and tense preparation at the sight of a couple skeevers or skeletons just seems deflatingly silly to me.

Also, I think a bit of comfort and patience are adoptable, based on the fact that the vast majority of “end-game” content has yet to be envisioned by the developers, much less implemented, a mere 3 months after the game’s release. There is plenty of time for ZOS to cater to everyone and their play-styles, and I, for one, am grateful for their unique effort in actually attempting to do so.
There are still many, many opportunities for ZOS to strengthen and focus their “game;” to wait to see what will happen to, and within, ESO next. The huge potential of this game is still intact.

In the meantime, I just wish to suggest the pursuit of a silver lining. Obviously we all enjoy, or at least have more than a passing interest in the development and future of, this game; and, taken as a whole, no matter what our complaint may be from week to week, I feel the good about this game still far outweighs the bad, and ESO remains, in my personal opinion, the best MMO on the market, and perhaps the best MMO to be released in years, especially when remaining potential is taken into account.

I’ll venture to say that I can practically guarantee ZOS will try to make everyone happy, once again, by also, eventually, releasing “end-game” content more worthy of the truer definition – and more practiced and committed level of skill – suggested above. And I am content with a game that makes everyone happy, even if I must be a part of the effort that helps it get there. Personally, I find it easy to enjoy the ride.

Now, if we want to talk about something I can get behind, let’s muse upon the fps issue… As of this morning there was another download, which appears to have been an additional hotfix that apparently has vastly improved/fixed the fps issue in PvP, and presumably the rest of Tamriel. Good job, ZOS.

Now I am going to log in and enjoy the game for the rest of the day. Thanks for listening/reading.


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