Elder Scrolls Online – Introduction to the New Dueling System in Update 12

Once a much-needed feature of Elder Scrolls Online, dueling is now going to be a reality within the game. Coming with Update 12, one of the biggest features is the addition of duels between players!

ESO Dueling System

Starting a Duel

Duels can be started in any non-PvP overland zone, which keeps Cyrodiil out of it (to keep true to its nature of being a “true battle zone”). This will allow you to fight any other player, regardless of their alliance. To do so, simply target another player and choose “Invite to Duel,” or type “/duel (player name).” After the other player accepts the invitation, a flag appears and there is a short countdown before the duel starts. Once a player reaches zero HP, the battle will end, and the losing player will be offered a free resurrection or can be resurrected by other players. Do note that this essentially means one of the two players will end up dying – unless it is ended through a forfeit. This can be done via moving out of the battle circle (which is sufficiently large enough to fight in without worrying) and ignoring the warning that comes up.

Outside Participation

When in a duel, outsiders can not heal or buff the players that are dueling, and interacting with mobs outside of the battle will not interrupt it. As a result, it is important to pick a safe area for your dueling purposes, so as to help create a more fair battle. If you happen to be fighting out in the wild, having another player or two to take down any aggressive mobs is a great idea – having them join in on the battle can be detrimental.

Avoiding Duels

If you are not interested in taking part in the dueling system and do not want to get flooded with requests (let’s face it, this happens), this can be disabled. Within the Options -> Social panel, you are able to automatically decline duel requests. Know, however, that this will mean you will never see a request and will need to enable it again if you wish to duel with someone in the future.This can be enabled and disabled as often as you want, so you do not need to worry about picking and choosing a setting; just go with what feels right (i.e., maybe turning it off while you’re running around areas where you get spammed with requests) and turn it back whenever you feel like it.

ESO Dueling System

New Achievements

While the dueling system is designed for fun little skirmishes, there are also three new achievements that come with this system, for winning one, 25, and 100 duels. So there are some benefits to taking part for those that are completionists or just want to show off their PvP ability. Do note, however, that while the system is designed for actually PvPing and attempting to win, these should also be achievable with friends (essentially throwing the battles). So if you are really adverse to taking part but still want the achievements, you should have no issues getting them.

Hammerdeath Arena

To help create a new centralized area for duels, there is a new arena coming, called Hammerdeath Arena, which is located in Stormhaven. It’s been said that there has been a lot of action here on the PTS and it will be coming to the live servers later this year. The arena is designed in such a way that it is a great way to both find others to duel with, as well as watch while others duel, for those who are not interested in taking part but still want to enjoy the battles. It’s entirely possible that players will also come up with their own areas outside of Hammerdeath Arena to turn into unofficial arenas, so if you want to join in on the fights, it’s a good idea to keep up with what’s happening around you!

ESO Dueling System

Testing Battle Styles and More

For players that wish to be the best they can be in PvP, this new dueling system is a perfect way to complement PvP. It allows you to test your prowess against a single player so you can adapt your rotation and play style according to each of the other classes, as well as continue practicing for the more large battles. And because this system can be used almost anywhere, it opens the doors to taking part almost any time you wish – so long as you can find another player that is willing to take part as well. While the dueling system does not allow you to do any group vs. group combat as of yet, it is still a great way to learn how to handle yourself when it does come to PvP. And considering the slimming down of PvP groups within Cyrodiil as of lately, working on being able to take others in a 1 vs. 1 battle isn’t all that bad and can help immensely with sieging.


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