How to make ESO more interesting to watch and stream

.. Casino games, Overclocked, Fate, Tibia, even super mario 64 and zelda windwaker beats ESO viewers on twitch.

So I was wondering why isn’t ESO fun to watch?

I will start with pve. I have mentioned it before, there is no reason to get a high score other than pride and fame. And also due to all these leaderboard resets, its not a motivation to push a score, when you have in mind it can be wiped the next week. The leaderboards for weekly is the same if you are at the bottom or the top. So there is no real ingame reason other then community, reputation and competition to actually get a high score. The leaderboard system works for each character and not per account. This makes the players snowballing the leaderboards, by just relogging after getting their good score in DSA. I personal am one of them, so this is not a rage since I can’t get the loot, but I want the system to be fair and rewarding for good players as well.

Right now, you kind of have to do multiple characters on the leaderboard since the rng is bad, you end up with a ice staff charge trait or something. If the leaderboard was bound to your account, more players have the chance to get on the leaderboard, since its not filled by the most hardcore players who are able to get a top score 12 times in one week (yes those are out there). But to reward players who are able to get a good score, the weekly reward could be based on the score and not the amount of characters you have. This way, there would actually be a reason to push high score and try different setups with class combinations. For top 50% for example, could chose the traits of their weapons or armor, and maybe top 10% get 2 or 3 rewards in mail instead of just one.

How to make ESO more interesting to watch and stream
Also an idea that crossed my mind, was the guild with the first place all time in a trial, could do the same as we do in pvp after taking a keep. A player can claim the keep for their guild and the merchant and guards uses their tabards and their guild name. Same system could work for having 1rst place in a trial, to have their guild name and tabard showed to everyone, both outside and inside the start of the trial, and maybe even a guild trader.

Which lead to my main point, it will be more competition and trial raids with small changes like this, and will be more interesting to watch players on twitch, and maybe even bring more players into the community.

When it comes to pvp, I don’t have many ideas since I don’t pvp much myself, but would love to hear others. We are getting dueling now, and we got imperial city, but i’m sure there would be ways to make catching map and towns more interesting as well. Im not saying its not fun already as it is, but as little as 150 viewers on twitch made me think about this, and especially when on a good day, its at most around 1000 viewers.swing after a gap closer in them.


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