Guild Improvements Master List of Elder Scrolls Online

Council of Nirn Guildleaders Suggestions
This is a master list of suggestions and feedback put together by a group of Guildmasters brainstorming over how to improve the guild and bid systems. We represent many guilds, and do accept applications from any guild leader interested in joining our discussions.

Bidding System Problems
We appreciate that the developers listened to our previous pleas and made the pending bid amounts viewable to only those able to bid. But the system is still far from ideal.
Bidding system puts a huge strain on players, especially guild leadership and serious traders. Trade guilds depend on their kiosk to attract and retain membership. Without a kiosk they lose the sales they need to add to the guild bank. Trying to guess how much gold is needed to secure the kiosk is daunting, and when a bid is lost members get upset. Every week trade guilds fold from failure to maintain a good kiosk, and the leadership often leaves the game rather than rebuilding. Currently new guilds trying to get established have it the hardest since it’s very difficult to predict which spot is safe to bid on and how much to bid. Often new guilds target a weak looking spot only to find that other new guilds targetted the same spot and only one of them succeeds.
Bidding currently closes right before a LONG maintenance making it nearly impossible to get backup stalls.

Bid Times
Move bid closing time to Sunday evenings 8 pm or 10 pm est, and avoid having it right before maintenance. Waiting 8 hours to see if you can get a backup stall is.. horrible.

Cancel Bids
Allow admins to cancel a bid entered by mistake. Accidental bids often lock guilds into undesired locations. Guildmasters who accidentally bid against a friendly guild find themselves forced to have one or the other go without a kiosk. Officers accidentally bidding too high can bankrupt a guild. Support tickets to retract bids are denied. Please allow us one retraction per week either by ticket or in game option.

Potential New Bid Systems
1. City bidding- Each guild bids on a city and the top 5 guilds are placed in that city. This would greatly reduce the direct guild on guild competition, with the drama it causes. Guilds could not target another guild just to be spiteful, and would not be able to hold the same resentment towards a guild that outbid them since the bids aren’t targeted at one guild. Guilds that wish to pay less can take a risk and try to get a city for cheap. Guilds that chose to pay more are more secure and can select their preferred spot. Allow each guild to rank the traders 1-X with their top choice, second choice, etc. The top bidder gets their first pick. Second bidder gets their top choice of what is left. This would allow guilds to settle into a favorite spot most times, but a guild that made a good bit but got bumped from their preferred spot would end up elsewhere in the city rather than with no trader. This system would be more balanced overall allowing smaller guilds to get into cities with any reasonable bid for that city while still allowing guilds to put in a preference for their favorite stall location.

2. Allow guilds to place a backup bid on a secondary kiosk if the first is lost. Con: The backup bid would be hard to select, having to either compete with another good guild, or chose a backup in a much less desirable location. A single backup bid seems insufficient to really solve the issues.

Kiosk Location
More Kiosks. Although there are currently more kiosks due to the DLCs, there are still older areas with single traders that seem insufficient. Refuges could easily hold 3 kiosks each encouraging buyers to go there. Add a few more kiosks to starter cities and islands like Vulkhel Guard and Bleakrock. Add kiosks to Cyrodil home camp areas and or Imperial City home bases.
Relocate city kiosks in certain cities to more central areas such as banks, wayshrines, and crafting stations. There is a huge disparity between a well located city like Rawlkha and Mournhold, and a poorly located hub like Shornhelm and Evemore.
Better branding of kiosks in claimed resources (tabards).

Guild Halls
We want these. a LOT. There is talk of player housing and guild halls.

It would be even cooler to have player housing that would be located in instanced guild neighborhoods. Guilds could earn a neighborhood by gold. crowns, members. Once the guild gets a neighborhood, the members could purchase the homes. Each neighborhood could be an instanced zone in or next to an existing city.

Guild Recruitment Tools
Create guild recruitment posting boards that allow guild leaders to purchase weekly advertising posts. Allow players to request guild invites from these posting boards.

Allow players to view guild info and request invites to guilds from hired kiosk locations.

Add a separate chat channel for guild recruitment.

Implement a Guild Finder or Guild Search function that allows players to contact guild leaders and or recruitment officers. This would allow players to request invites to specific guilds and for guild leaders to seek collaboration with others for events, trade, PvP, trials, etc.

Leave Guild Hotkey
Guild members and even leaders have accidentally left their guilds because the “Leave Guild” and “Add Member” buttons are in the same location on different tabs. The “X” key is often mispressed instead of the “Alt” key and the confirmation prompt is easily confirmed by muscle memory.
Misclicking could be prevented if the “Leave Guild” button were moved to the guild roster tab and anchored to the lower left corner.
Require users to type “LEAVE” on the confirmation dialog box similar to character deletion.

Guild Mail function. Currently guildmasters often get blocked as spammers for sending guild mails. Having a built in guild mail system would reduce strain on the server by reducing requests sent back and forth. Having guild mail as a permission that can be set allowing who can send guild mails. This would prevent a spammer from joining the guild and sending out mail. Mails should be able to be sent to only certain ranks or to the entire guild

Retrieve mail from the server when the mail window is opened or implement a retrieve mail button. Currently, players must log out of the game and log back in or travel to a different zone in order to request mail from the server.

Implement a “sent mail” outbox, forward and reply button. Sent mail can be very important for people mailing orders and could be used to resolve disputes.

Allow for more characters if linking items. A few item links can then presently force you to write a very short mail that may not be able to convey your ideas.

Add different mailboxes or filters for different types of mails such as sales, hirelings, guild mails and player mails. Make the mail limit unique for each type of mail so that 40 sales emails don’t stop people from getting real mails from players.

Guild Roster History
Reintroduce a column on roster for the date that a member joined. This would allow leaders to recognize the dedicated/long term members.

Implement a function to show which members/officers recruited a new player to the guild. This would allow members/officers to be recognized and acknowledged for contributing to guild recruitment.

Add a textbox to filter by member name to review bank, sales, and roster history per individual member.

Add filters to roster history for joined, left, kicked, demoted, and promoted.

Add a banned list to the guilds that GMs can prevent members from being allowed back in.

Additional permission for “Edit Own Note”. Allow members to edit their own notes while preventing them from tampering with the notes of others. Also addition of a second “Officer notes” that can be used to document warnings, etc

Additional permissions for “Limited Remove Members”. A daily kick limit set by the guildmaster would act as a failsafe to prevent rogue officers/hacked accounts from deleting entire guild rosters.

Allow guildmasters to give “Edit Guild Ranks” permissions to some of their top officers. It can be very difficult if a GM is away for a time and minor adjustments to the rank permissions (such as turning open inviting on or off) is needed.

Allow players to become the guildmaster of multiple guilds. This would allow for affiliated guilds to be controlled on one account and offer the ability for dedicated leaders to inherit ownership of guilds that would otherwise be abandoned.

Implement a feature to merge guilds in order to quickly and effectively transfer members from one guild to another. Each member would have an option to accept the merge upon logging in, preventing tedious mass mailings and tracking members down. Essentially an invite all button that allows the GM or admin of a dying guild to invite all of the members to another, active guild with open slots.

Additional permission for “Edit Tabard Design” allowing other members/officers to design guild tabards.

Add the heraldry tab to guild interface for all members so that they can preview a guild tabard design before spending 2k gold.

Award guilds a gold percentage from tabard purchases as an incentive for members to purchase them in support of the guild.

Make tabards to be tradable so that they may be awarded as prizes or donated to another member.

Offer a small buff to players wearing their guild tabards together in a group to encourage guild pride.

Allow players to purchase or earn more slots via guild ranks. This would lower the number of players who join 3 or more trade guilds in order to acquire more than 30 slots.

Include the name of the item and guild an item was sold in with Item Sold mail.

Allow the guild itself to have 30 store slots in which officers can post items from the guild bank and have the entire sale go into the guild. This would allow guild leaders to sell off excess items in bank.

Store Interface
Save current search filters upon exit from guild store. This would prevent players from the need to re-apply the same filters on each individual store when shopping around for specific items.

Add a textbox to filter by item name.

Add a right-click “Search for Similar” option that automatically applies that item’s filters making it easier to check for a good listing price.

Add a tabbed or tiered system to the guild bank each with separate rank permissions including a daily withdrawal limit. Given the ability to assign only full or no access, guild banks are often closed to members due to risk of thievery.

Guild banks frequently timeout while attempting to retrieve item data requiring players to manually reload the bank window often 2-5 times before the inventory will display. As a short term solution, automatically refresh guild banks when retrieving items to prevent frequent timeouts.
Add an option to autostack categories in the guild bank.

Allow guilds to purchase more bank slots. With 500 members, 500 slots is very limited.

Stop bankers from wandering and breaking connection to bank.

Guild Notes/Message
The Guild Notes section has short a character limit making it less useful, please expand.

Allow guildmasters to chose if the message of the day gets broadcast or not, so we can test it, and save minor changes without spamming the guild.

Offline Status
Add a status icon or color indicator to the chat window when in offline mode so that recruiters do not accidentally go recruiting while unable to receive whispers.

Notify players if they are set to offline on initial logon and when a tell is sent. This would prevent players from forgetting to set their status to online to receive replies.

Change the statuses so that offline mode allows whispering in and out without being visible to allow players some quiet while still having the ability to take care of issues. Players who really don’t want to see these whispers can create custom chat channels that don’t display them. Change the Do Not Disturb setting to block whispers for players who simply don’t want to be bothered

Alliance Chat channels across guilds
Create chat channels that can be made across guilds, public (anyone can join) or private (invite only). These would serve to unite communities better with a common purpose outside of having only guild chat. An example would be our GM community who doesn’t want to give up a guild slot to only have the ability to talk to each other in game. I’m sure many other uses would be found. PVP channels, crafting channels, etc. for specialized discussion would benefit everyone in the game and provide a greater sense of overall community.

Guild Events
Guild events or rankings such as PVP rankings, PVE contests and or sales recognition would really help boost guild pride and participation. Guild events could be scored based on AP earned, or players completing group dungeons and bosses, and trials. Scoring high in these guild events should reward some sort of small buff or prestige to the guilds.


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